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The Green Smoke Review

Green Smoke is an e cigarette I’ve been using for years so it’s one I know intimately, and one I’ve watched improve since it came onto the market. While this is a company which has had it’s quality control issues in the past it’s now seen as the manufacturer of perhaps the best quality 2-piece device on the market. It’s one I vape on pratically every day and has thousands of ardent fans all over the globe.

Green Smoke E Cigarette

How has this brand improved?


Green Smoke have always had a reputation as an e cig which produces a lot of vapor, a fact which gained them fans from the start. The only problem was that they had troubles with the quality of their batteries for a couple of years which drove many people away.

I lost count of the number of complaints I heard during those early days about batteries which arrived dead or quickly lost their ability to recharge. Quite frankly it took them too long to put things right but that’s one of the problems you have when trying to deal in a new technology with manufacturing taking place thousands of miles away in China.

Thankfully they finally managed to get things right and these days you are unlikely to get anything other than a perfectly performing unit. In fact in my experience the batteries from this manufacturers are now the best of their type on the market. Both their large and small batteries hold a charge longer than you would expect and will recharge many, many times before you need to ditch them.

greensmoke battery

Flavormax cartomizers

While their batteries used to leave a lot to be desired the flavor of their carts where above average, if not stellar. When they introduced their brand new Flavormax cartomizers over a year ago they managed to shake up the industry with much improved flavor and even more vapor than before. Combined with the excellent power units the Flavormax ensured Green Smoke now have a product which is worth shouting about.



Another area which caused smokers to look elsewhere was the comparatively high cost of this brand. Starter kits were up twice the price of the competition as the company tried to separate themselves from the low quality products on the market.

Now that the Green Smoke is actually worth the extra cost they have reduced the price substantially thanks to the fact they are dealing in much high volumes. This means you can now pick up a kit for as little as £39.97. At this price it doesn’t take long to recoup your initial purchase price from the savings you’ll make from refraining from tobacco. There’s no longer any reason to be put off buying because of the cost.

Starter kit options

There are a couple of options available to you if you decide to opt for a Green Smoke starter kit.

The Express Kit comes in at £39.97 and gets you a battery (choose long or short), a pack of FlavorMax Cartomizers, 1 USB Cigarette, a Home Charger Kit, and a deluxe carry case
The Pro Kit is yours for £62.97 and includes everything in the Express Kit plus an extra battery, an extra pack of carts, anda car charger.

For social smokers the Express Kit will be an ideal choice but if you are looking to vape all day long then the Pro Kit is the one for you.


All in all the Green Smoke is the finest 2-piece e cigarette available on the UK market today. There are plenty of other options to choose from but none offer the quality vaping experience afforded by the rich flavored Flavormax Carts. With the great flavors comes masses of vapor to emulate a smoke-like vape along with a satisfying throat hit.

To anyone in the UK looking to get started with this tobacco replacement using the cartomizer style you won’t find anything better.