E Cigarette Shop may receive a small commission or referrral fee from the manufacturers of the products listed on these pages. We only recommend electronic cigarette devices which we have tried personally and which we believe are of the highest quality delivering a great user experience.

We distance ourselves from the rip-off merchants who try to get you to sign up for a “free” e cig and then continue to take cash from your bank account every month without notifying you. All the e cigarettes recommended on this site are sold by legitimate, trustworthy companies who will deliver exactly what you pay for and are known for treating the consumer with respect. This is especially true of Green Smoke who I have had the pleasure of dealing with on a regular basis over the last 12 months.

We will under no circumstances recommend products that we don’t believe in and have never accepted free products from any manufacturer in exchange for positive e cigarette reviews or endorsements of a particular brand.

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